Awareness Craft Projects

Hand Print Heart of Acceptance

Large piece of paper
Washable paints in assorted colors (each color on a paper plate)
Paint Brushes

1. Press the palm side of your hand down on a plate of paint, and use a paint brush to smooth the paint into an even layer on your hand. 
2. Press your hand down onto the piece of paper to make a hand print.
3. Continue the process, placing hand prints in different directions with different colors to create a heart shape. The more people that participate, the better, but it is OK to create a heart with one or two people. 

While each hand print is different, they all come together to create something beautiful!

Puzzle Piece Frame

4 Wide Craft Sticks
Puzzle Pieces (find these at a dollar store)

1. Paint the back side of your puzzle pieces in various colors (blue, green, yellow and red). Let them dry.
2. Lay down two craft sticks, add dots of glue to the ends. Lay two more craft sticks down on the glue dots, so it forms a square shape. Let it dry.
3. Flip the painted puzzle pieces over. Add glue dots to the pieces and glue them your frame. Let it dry.
4. Cut a piece of ribbon, about 12 inches long and glue the ends to the back of the top two corners of your completed frame. Let it dry.
5. You created a Puzzle Piece Frame!

Awareness Bracelet

Thick Ribbon (Length of your wrist)

Thin Ribbon (8 inches longer than the thick ribbon)
Heavy Book 

1. Decorate the front of your ribbon with a message about autism awareness using the markers.

2. Turn decorated ribbon over and place small amount of glue across the middle.

3.  Glue on the thin piece of ribbon across the middle of the thick ribbon, make sure it hangs off the edges of the thick ribbon by about 3-4 inches on each side. Let dry.

4.  Place a small dab of glue on each corner of the thick ribbon. 

5.  Fold down corners towards the thin ribbon.  

6. Place under a heavy book to hold corners down while they dry.

7.  When all glue has dried, tie bracelet around your wrist.

8.  Congratulations! You have made an Autism Awareness bracelet!

Puzzle Piece Pin

You can turn this into a fundraiser by asking all of your friends to bring their old puzzle pieces to be turned into pins. Turn the puzzle pieces over and just decorate the back! Once you’re finished, have a pin sale.

Puzzle Pieces

Adhesive Pin Backs (Can be purchased at your local craft store) 

1. Use a blank puzzle piece or the back of recycled puzzle piece. 

2. Decorate with markers. You can even write a message about autism awareness.

3.  Turn over and stick adhesive pin backing onto puzzle piece.

4.  TaDah! You have a pin! 

Upload photos of the crafts you create or share your ideas in the comment section below!


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