2015 Ambassador Archives

Thank you for participating in our 2015 Autism Awareness Ambassador Program!

This year's theme was "Connecting the Pieces." It was wonderful to hear how ambassadors connected with their communities, schools, government officials and friends all to spread autism awareness during April. Here's a quick summary:

Ambassador Kits:

1,237 kits were distributed to ambassadors
120 kits were sent to New Jersey Legislators

Free Autism Awareness Supplies:

294 NJ residents requested and received free supplies. We distributed:
Bookmarks: 28,075
Temporary Tattoos: 20,000
Stickers: 20,000
Kids Booklets: 10,873
Rack Cards: 21.580
Posters: 3,000

School Resource Packs:

310 free classroom packs were distributed to NJ elementary schools.
Total Students Reached: 7,440
127 Elementary Schools • 113 Districts/Towns • All 21 NJ Counties

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