Dress Down Day

Did you know that the Autism Awareness Ambassador Program started in 1998 as a Dress Down Day Fundraiser? Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised since then to support Autism New Jersey’s programs simply by dressing down.

Want to organize a Dress Down Day?

  • Designate a person to organize your event and collect the donations.
  • Hang a Dress Down Day flyer in your workplace or school indicating the donation amount in which to participate.   Example: Donate $5 to dress down on Friday, April 1, 2016
  • Collect the donations and send to Autism New Jersey using the Donation Deposit Form.

Dress Down Day Tips

  • If you are a school, have the whole district participate!
  • Make t-shirts, hats or any type of apparel you can think of to support autism. Get creative!
  • Distribute our fact sheets about autism to educate participants. 
  • Turn your Dress Down Day into an easy fundraiser by collecting a small donation from every participant. 

Dress Down Day Supplies

Order Autism New Jersey Awareness T-shirts for your Dress Down Day

Check out our other Dress Down Supplies

DownloadDress Down Day Flyer to promote your dress down day

Print your own Dress Down Day Stickers - Click on the images below to download printable templates to easily print Avery Labels #5162 (1.33 inches high x 4 inches wide)

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