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Working with the media is a great tool to consider when helping to raise autism awareness.  Families affected by autism and the professionals who support them often are helpful to advance autism awareness by sharing personal stories. As a loved one or professional, you offer an important point of view.

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Check out what our Ambassadors did in the news last year.

Edison Au-some Balloon Creator is Autism New Jersey Ambassador
April 23, 2015

EDISON, NJ – Starting the first week in April, Autism New Jersey began highlighting an “Ambassador of the Week” for their exceptional work in raising awareness and building acceptance. Eddie Lin of Edison was selected as the Ambassador of the Week for April 1st through 7th.

Lin is known for being a mild tempered, pure-hearted young man who loves life and is known for living life with open arms and a contagious smile. When he was 10, balloon art struck a deep chord in his heart and has since grown into an expressive passion to him and gift to his community.

As the Ausome Balloon Creator, Lin explained why the pun “Au-Some” was chosen. The "Au-" stands for his unique autism trait and he encourages people who read about him to learn more about autism from reputable websites, such as Autism NJ. Read more>>

Acting Governor Guadagno Recognizes Autism Awareness Month at Second Annual Autism New Jersey Transition Conference
April 21, 2015

Acting Governor Kim Guadagno continued the Administration’s commemoration of April as Autism Awareness Month by addressing the 2nd Annual Transition Conference hosted by Autism New Jersey. According to the CDC, autism is estimated to impact 1 in 45 children in New Jersey.

“There are tens of thousands of young adults and teens with autism in New Jersey who have difficulty navigating and accessing appropriate services. Autism New Jersey is hard at work on a range of initiatives to increase access to services, build capacity, and shape public policies in collaboration with the Administration to meet the growing needs,” said Autism New Jersey Executive Director Dr. Suzanne Buchanan. “We are grateful for our partnership with the Administration and are honored to have Acting Governor Guadagno join us at our signature event for adolescents and adults with autism.” Read more>>

(Pictured left to right: Autism New Jersey Executive Director Dr. Suzanne Buchanan and Acting Governor Kim Guadagno)

Holland Township School blows bubbles for autism
April 10, 2015

The sight of millions of bubbles floating through the air was what beheld students, faculty and staff at Holland Township School blew bubbles in support of Autism awareness.

Holland Township School students blew bubbles to help spread awareness about autism on April 10, 2015, during the National Autism Awareness Month at the school in Holland Township.Read more>>

View photos from this event>>

Autism Awareness event in Allendale on April 14
April 8, 2015

The Allendale Bar and Grill (AB&G) will play host to "Autism Friendly Day" on Tuesday, April 14 in which families, friends and the community at large are invited to learn more about autism during lunch and dinner. The day coincides with April serving as Autism Awareness Month.

For many people, eating at a local restaurant is routine, but for those with special needs and their families, it may not feel always like an option. And that's where Allendale resident Lynn-Marie Peare (an Autism New Jersey Ambassador) comes in.

As a parent of a child with autism, a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors, she knows first hand how challenging it can be to eat lunch or dinner out on the town.

While there may be many reasons people avoid going out, Peare said, including not wanting to upset their child by changing a routine, Autism Spectrum Disorders are not always apparent at first glance. Read more>>

Edison Families Celebrate World Autism Awareness Day
April 5, 2015

The Garlatti family spearheaded the annual Baseball Autism Awareness Challenge, now in its 8th year, in which area high schools compete while wearing awareness shirts. The players learn about the condition and are then encouraged to make a difference in their communities in ways like volunteering as “Buddies” to disabled children in Buddy Ball sports.

The Garlattis went on to create the Teamwork Unlimited Foundation, whose mission is "to promote Acceptance, Awareness & Understanding of people with special needs, through the great game of baseball and other activities.”

Eddie Lin, a junior at Edison High School, creates amazing balloon figures, as seen in his Ausome Balloon Creator page. He will be featured as the Autism Ambassador of the Week by Autism New Jersey, the statewide advocacy and referral agency. Read more>>

Sen. President Sweeney Visits Princeton For World Autism Awareness Day
Sweeney visited the Princeton Child Development Institute on Thursday
April 2, 2015

State Sen. President Steve Sweeney recognized the work done by the Princeton Child Development Institute and other groups in support of those with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

Sweeney visited the institute on Thursday for World Autism Awareness Day. On March 16, the New Jersey Senate approved unanimously a resolution sponsored by Sweeney designating April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day each year.

Sweeney was joined in his visit on Thursday by Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert, Princeton Councilwoman Heather Howard, Senator Shirley Turner, Assemblywoman Liz Muoio, Assemblyman Reed Gusciora and members of Autism New Jersey, a statewide advocacy group. Read more>>

2 NJ friends create clothing for those living with autism
Products from ‘Independence Day’ clothing line are designed without tags, zippers and easy to put on
April 2, 2015

The skirts, shirts, dresses and pants currently on the market are made "sensory friendly," and without buttons, zippers or snaps.

Each article of clothing comes with a GPS tracker, as big as a nine-volt battery, which can be slipped into a padded pocket in the fabric. "It's a total game-changer for everyone, from kids with autism to adults with Alzheimer's, or other disabilities," said Sagon-Drews, who is co-director of the company.

Thierry said that New Jersey is the major catalyst for major autism services, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which breaks down large tasks into 21 small ones. ABA has been scientifically proven to help children with autism learn, and was perfected at the Princeton Child Development Institute, and the Alpine Learning Group, in Paramus, according to Thierry.

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Autism recognized in Rockaway Borough
April 1, 2015

The Borough Council presented a proclamation to Jefferson Township resident Antoinette Dominicci-Fifoot declaring April as "National Autism Awareness Month" at the Thursday, March 26, Borough Council meeting.

According to the proclamation, every one in 45 children in New Jersey are diagnosed with autism, while every one in 68 children nationally are diagnosed. Though there is no cure for the development disorder, it is well-documented that early treatment can help autistic individuals led significantly improved lives.

Dominicci-Fifoot is an ambassador for Autism New Jersey, a non-profit organization that advocates autism awareness. She has traveled to many municipalities within the Morris County area, encouraging municipalities to proclaim April as Autism Awareness Month, while accepting numerous proclamations for the cause. Read more>>

‘World Autism Awareness Day’ Passes Committee
March 9, 2015

TRENTON – A resolution sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney to designate April 2nd of each year as “World Autism Awareness Day” and legislation authorizing the establishment of tax-exempt accounts for persons with developmental disabilities were approved today by the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee. 

“Autism New Jersey praises Senate President Sweeney for his sponsorship of these measures and Chairman Vitale and his colleagues on the Senate Health and Human Services committee for their support. These two pieces of legislation recognize the abilities and challenges of individuals with autism and their families,” said Suzanne Buchanan, Executive Director of Autism New Jersey. “We look forward to celebrating and honoring individuals with autism on April 2nd around the state and the passage of the ABLE accounts legislation to help families pay for essential services and plan for the future.” Read more>>

The Record
January 3, 2015

Autism New Jersey Information Manager, Elena Graziosi shares Autism New Jersey's, focus on educating insurance companies about the expense and duration of successful treatment programs for people with autism. Read more>>



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