Sample Proclamation

Provide this sample proclamation to your mayor/town council as an example of an Autism Awareness Proclamation.

  • Hurry! You’ll need to reach out to your mayor well in advance of your town’s April Council Meeting to ensure you can get the proclamation read at the meeting.
  • Ask about a photo opportunity. 
  • Also, there might be a chance to have a student with autism recite the pledge of allegiance, another great way to raise awareness and build acceptance in your community!


WHEREAS, autism is a pervasive developmental disorder affecting the social, communication and behavioral skills of those affected by it, and,

WHEREAS, as more health professionals become proficient in diagnosing autism, more children are being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, resulting in rates as high as 1 in 68 children nationally and 1 in 45 in New Jersey, and,

WHEREAS, while there is no cure for autism, it is well-documented that if individuals with autism receive early and intensive treatment throughout their lives, they lead significantly improved lives, and,

WHEREAS, individuals with autism often require a lifetime of specialized and community support services to ensure their health and safety and to support families’ resilience as they manage the psychological and financial burdens autism can present,

WHEREAS, Autism New Jersey is spearheading an awareness effort in order to educate parents, professionals and the general public about autism and its effects,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that I, (Insert Mayor’s Name) do hereby proclaim April 2016 as NATIONAL AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH in the (Insert Municipality Name), and urge all employees and residents to participate in our municipality’s National Autism Awareness Month activities, in order to become better educated about autism and create a better community for individuals with autism.

(Insert Mayor’s Signature)

Dated: (Insert Date)

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