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Adults with Autism

Autism is lifelong. Awareness is not just about children with autism, but also adults. As individuals with autism turn 21 and leave the school system, many encounter a “Service Cliff,” according to…


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Show Some Heart -- Encourage and Demonstrate Kindness

Our ambassador campaign encourages everyone to help build communities that embrace and accept individuals with autism.

One easy way to do this is to simply encourage kindness, especially when encountering individuals with autism in your day-to-day activities.

If you see a parent or caregiver…


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Why Awareness Still Matters -- We have a lot of work to do!

While we have made great strides towards our goals to raise awareness and build acceptance, we still have a lot of work to do.

Unfortunately, there were a number of incidents and news stories, in New Jersey and across the country, where individuals with autism were bullied, put in dangerous situations and felt unwelcome in their communities.

Through your ambassador activities, you are helping to build acceptance and understanding for all individuals with autism.

Here are…


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Autism is a Spectrum

Always keep in mind that autism is a spectrum disorder and how it affects people is varied. Treat every person as an individual. While some with autism can go on to college, be successful at jobs and live independently, there are also those who require intensive support and supervision to help them stay safe, complete everyday tasks and treat challenging behavior. Remember to paint a full picture of the spectrum.

Here's some additional articles that get to the "Heart of the…


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Autism Prevalence -- Why is autism on the rise?

CDC Prevalence Trend 2000 to 2012

Statistics show that the prevalence rate of autism has been increasing. (For example, the rates increased from 1 in 94 in New Jersey reported in 2007 to 1 in 41 reported in 2016.) Autism is a complex condition. No single factor can explain why more children are being identified with autism, although a combination of genetic and environmental factors play a role. In addition, some of the increase in the rates in the…


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Language -- Person with autism vs. autistic person

It can sometimes be confusing to know how to refer to someone with autism. 

Generally speaking, disability advocacy organizations (like Autism New Jersey) prefer the use of “person-first” language since it puts the focus on the person and not their disability. However, many self-advocates and their allies prefer “autistic” or “autistic person,” since they see autism as an essential part of their identity.

A great rule of thumb is to always speak to and about someone…


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Getting to the Heart of the Matter -- Beyond Awareness to Acceptance

Your job as ambassador is to raise awareness, educate your community and dispel myths. We recognize that autism is more than a simple statistic and a puzzle piece. There are many issues that are complex and require more in-depth discussion.

We'll be posting some topics and themes here on the Hub for you to consider as you conduct your ambassador activities.

Feel free to comment and to use these posts as a springboard to raising awareness and building acceptance in your…


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East Brunswick Public Schools

East Brunswick Public Schools are excited and ready to get to "The Heart of Acceptance".  Autism New Jersey can always count on us!!!

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Randolphville Elementary School, Piscataway NJ - "Change for Autism"

From April 27th thru May 1st, the students and staff at Randolphville Elementary School held a "Change for Autism" fundraiser.

From grades K thru 3rd, the students donated change. The grade with the most collected will win an exciting treat from the Principal, Dr. Slivko and the Randolphville staff!…


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Autism -Poem by Wafiyyah Muhammad

(A Poem About Acceptance and Inclusion)

A - Accept ME
U - Understand ME
T - Teach ME
I - Include ME
S - Speak for ME
M - Marvelous,That’s ME!

By Wafiyyah Muhammad
All Rights Reserved BGM © 2014

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The Voice - A poem by Jasmine for her cousin Michael

The Voice

By Jasmine M. Gutierrez 

Part One - Strength in silence 

Trapped in this body 

That no one can understand

What I feel what goes on inside

I wish to tell,…


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A father's journey to planet spectrum

I embarked on this journey the day my wife and I decided to change roles and become parents. It has been quite a journey due to the unique challenges and joys I’ve experienced making me think what is really important in life.

I can certainly say that in the beginning things did not turn out as expected, shockingly we were introduced to a new world.

Parenthood in general changes people’s lives, raising a child with special needs turned out to be more demanding and challenging.… Continue

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Dress Down for Autism Awareness - Whitestone Associates

On Tuesday, April 29th my employer, Whitestone Associates, Inc. located in Warren New Jersey and Chalfont Pennsylvania held a "Dress Down for Autism Awareness" fundraiser. The fundraiser was also extended to our sister company, Control Point Associates in both offices, as well as Bohler Engineering in the Chalfont PA office.

A tally of all donations raised throughout all offices should be available by the end of the week!…


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My son the Junior Ambassador for Autism Awareness

I am so honored Dominick is the Junior Ambassador for Essex County. He is such a great kid!!!

He is loving,intelligent awesome and talented.

Having autism is a blessing and a curse at times but he perseveres. He plays baseball with Special Angels in Lyndhurst,NJ and he is in BSA troop 38 in Newark.

We are so pleased Dominick has this honor!…


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Kick Start Autism Awareness in Faith March 30,2014

Join the United Methodist Church  of Wayne, on March 30, 2014, to start your faith acceptance and awareness of everyone's uniqueness and acceptance!

United Methodist Church of Wayne

99 Parish Drive

Wayne, New Jersey 07470

The worship service participants will be an Ambassador of Autism New Jersey and her son who is on the Spectrum. 

Come worship with us on March 30, 2014 at 10AM!

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Educating students with autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) in Saudi Arabia



Educating students with autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) in Saudi Arabia: Policy, Practice and Provision for Inclusive and Special Education









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Autism in the Workplace -- An Advantage!!

I just saw this article about how employers (mostly STEM fields) are seeking to hire individuals with autism due to their ability to "think differently". Hopefully this trend - and awareness - will continue to grow!

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Today the Mayor Michael Melfi of The City of Hackensack announced Proclamation making the month of April Autism Awareness month

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Pump it Up Piscataway Fundraiser

What a fantastic Sunday! 51 kids attended the Pump it Up Piscataway Autism Awareness fundraiser! $5 per admission will be donated to Autism NJ!! Great day!

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Pump it Up - Piscataway Autism Fundraiser


Sunday, April 21 from 4-6 pm!!

Proceeds from each admission benefit Autism NJ!

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