Autism is lifelong. Awareness is not just about children with autism, but also adults. As individuals with autism turn 21 and leave the school system, many encounter a “Service Cliff,” according to Drexel University’s National Autism Indicators Report. Twenty-six (26%) percent of young adults with autism in the US receive no services during their early 20s. Many more are underserved. Awareness of the lack of services and advocacy can lead to change.

Autism New Jersey has embarked on a campaign to expand and enhance our services directed at the needs of adults with autism in New Jersey. Our goal is to achieve measurable and meaningful improvements in the life of every adult with autism in New Jersey.  

Our goals include: 

  • Improve Access to Services
  • Enhance the availability and quality of services
  • Shape public policies affecting adults with autism

Learn more about our efforts here.

Here's an op ed that explains why it's so important to include adults in autism awareness:

We love autistic children - until they grow up
AZ Central (2/21/16)

What do you think?  How will you incorporate adults with autism into your ambassador activities?

Tell us in the comments below.

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