Always keep in mind that autism is a spectrum disorder and how it affects people is varied. Treat every person as an individual. While some with autism can go on to college, be successful at jobs and live independently, there are also those who require intensive support and supervision to help them stay safe, complete everyday tasks and treat challenging behavior. Remember to paint a full picture of the spectrum.

Here's some additional articles that get to the "Heart of the Matter"

My Son Has the Kind of Autism No One Talks About
Huffington Post
By Bonnie Zampino

Making Severe Autism Visible
Psychology Today
By Amy SF Lutz

How a Child With Autism Became 'His Own Man' After Treatment
ABC News/Nightline, 10/6/15
Tells the story of two young men,Jake and Andrew, who despite similar early treatment, ended up with very different outcomes.

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