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Thank you Ambassadors!

Our program reached every county in New Jersey, distributed kits and information nationally, and raised more than $90,000.

Autism awareness activities have been completed and the funds are in! Thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of our autism awareness ambassadors we have had one of our most successful Autism Awareness Months to date!  (Click here to view our Ambassador Fundraiser List.)

Countless activities were planned to make a statement and educate the community about autism. Funds raised stay in the state to help families that have loved ones with autism.

Check out more highlights and resources on Autism New Jersey's Website:  



  • Ambassadors Registered:  1,343
  • Kits Distributed:  1,500

We asked ambassadors to let us know what best described the person who will be using the kit.  Here's what they answered:

  • Family Member: 515
  • Teacher/Educator: 404
  • Community Member: 138
  • Students: 136
  • Person with Autism: 56
  • No description provided: 94

School Resource Packs:

  • Classroom Packs Distributed:  300
  • Students Reached:  7,000
  • Elementary Schools:  127
  • Districts/Towns: 91
  • NJ Counties: 19

Supplies Request Orders:

  • Requests Fulfilled: 435
  • Bookmarks Distributed:  31,924
  • Temporary Tattoos:  19,695
  • Stickers Distributed:  9,600
  • Kids Booklets Distributed:  10,000
  • Rack Cards Distributed:  20,000
  • Posters Distributed:  2,500

Fundraisers are eligible for incentives, pictured below.  Expect them to arrive by the end of September.

Find more photos like this on Autism Awareness Ambassadors 2014


April is here and it's time to raise awareness.

Remember that by making your statement and sharing your story you are making a real difference.  By raising awareness, we are striving to create communities that embrace and accept people with autism.  All your activities, regardless of the size, contribute to that goal.

Thank you to our ambassadors in New Jersey and across the US making a difference.  Keep us posted!   

Check back here often throughout the month for updates.

Also, remember to visit Autism New Jersey's main website and Facebook Page for additional autism awareness news and info.

Introducing our Ambassadors of the Week!

Week 4

Julie Welsh, Jr. Ambassador & Friend

"I hope that in the future, awareness and understanding of autism will continue to grow, and people will be more accepting of the children and adults who have been diagnosed. Ideally, those with autism will be embraced and welcomed by their peers. Read Julie's story>>

Julie (l) pictured with her inspiration, Victoria (r).

Week 3

Dave Koenig Rockaway Township Public Schools

"I hope that all of my students continue to progress, continue to amaze other people, and reach their full potential in a world that respects their abilities." Read Dave's story>>

Week 2

Antoinette Dominicci-Fifoot of Jefferson Township, NJ

"My hope for the future for the autism community would be to have an easier time finding support, information and accommodations across our state and our country. I wish for everyone on the spectrum to be accepted..." Read Antoinette's story>>

Week 1

Evelyn Lopez-Delgado of Woodbridge, NJ

"My goal is to share my knowledge and resources with other parents...I would like to see families and businesses in the community work together to welcome individuals with special needs in all aspects of the community."

Read Evelyn's story>>

New Prevalence Rates:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a report showing 1 in 68 children nationally has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, with 1 in 45 in New Jersey.  The national rate marks an increase of 30% from the previous 1 in 88 statistic.  We are working on updating these figures in our online materials.  As you spread awareness, be sure to let people know about the new numbers.  You can learn more about the prevalence rates here.


We've fulfilled more than 315 supply order requests and have circulated an additional 300 free School Resource Packs.  These free resources are made available because of the generosity of our sponsors. Our ambassadors are armed with the tools they need to raise awareness.  We still have bookmarks and informational rack cards available, but supplies are limited.  You can order yours here (while supplies last).

What do you have planned?

Registered hub members can post their photos and events.  Or send information to and we'll post for you.

How are you Makeing A Statement?

We are excited to see how you will Make a Statement this April.

Thank you to Toys"R"Us Children's Fund
We are pleased to announce that the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund has renewed grant funding in sponsorship of our Autism Awareness Ambassador Program. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to show your community that you support autism awareness, too!

Haven't Registered?  Hurry, supplies are limited!
Click here to sign up to get your free kit of tips and tools to raise awareness during National Autism Awareness Month.



Teachers awareness

Started by Sara Malvasia Jun 6, 2013. 0 Replies

Just a little frustrated my son is 7 years old he presented his project and read to his class. The teacher took points off because he couldn't answer his peers questions. He is autistic and does have problem interacting. It's frustrating to read…Continue

Who's your autism inspiration?

Started by Autism New Jersey. Last reply by Chaya Levin Apr 10, 2013. 13 Replies

Tell us who inspires you to raise awareness?Continue


Quick and Easy Fundraiser

You can set up your own personal fundraising page and collect donations from family and friends online.

Click here to learn more.

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"Can't wait to be an ambassador in 2015 bigger and better awareness to come to Autism New Jersey!"
Dec 14
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"Thanks to Edison student Pratik Pradhan for his donations in support of our parents group, and to the JP Stevens M/D class prom event!"
Sep 24

Sponsor Thank you!

Thank you to the Toys"R"Us Children's Fund for its generous grant to help produce and distribute the kit. 

School Resource Pack Sponsors

Bookmark Sponsor

Rack Card Sponsor

Community Education Section Sponsor

Educator's Section Sponsor

Junior Ambassador Section

Business Boosters

Simontacchi, Miller & DeAngelis P.A.

Interested in being a sponsor for our 2014 Ambassador Program?  Email

2014 T-Shirt -- Keep Calm and Raise Autism Awareness

Keep Calm and Raise Autism Awareness.  Wear our t-shirt proudly...not just during April, but throughout the year!

$15.00 each.

Discounts for orders of 10+.

Order today while supplies last! Shipping expected 12/12/2013


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A hub for Autism NJ's 2014 Ambassadors and Friends to share ideas about how to raise awareness and create change in their communities.




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